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The Organization; A Kingdom Hearts RPG's Journal
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Friday, July 7th, 2006
11:30 pm
As you may have noticed, I had taken the liberty of disconnecting the internet for a few days as a penalty for your behaviour this past weekend. However it seemed odd that I should have to punish myself for your transgressions. We must constantly remain aware of the movements of the adversary; and also, I was starting to fall behind on Questionable Content.

So the internet has been reconnected for the time being, however eBay shall still remain on the blacklist as long as IX deems it necissary to continually bid on antique sitars. I have also placed an order for the latest installation of NetNanny, as our old version seems to have been bypassed (if the state of undress in the countless, countless popups assailing my computer are anything to go by).

So, as an alternate punishment, I will be anticipating 1500-word self-assessments from all of you, in my inbox by Monday morning, complete with situational citations, footnotes, and a full academic references list. In your assessment I would like you to ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Where did your actions go wrong?

  • What have you learned about campground safety this weekend?

  • What have you learned about proper medical proceedures this weekend?

  • In what manner did your behaviour this weekend betray The Organization?

  • Did you learn anything useful that might help us further our ultimate goal?

Double-spaced, 12-point font. Numerated pages after the first. Spell-check, or have a peer read it over for you, improper spelling and grammar will be treated as High Treason.

XIII, I am especially disappointed in you. I thought I had raised you better than to do something like this. Clearly, I was wrong. While VII is recovering, I will expect you to handle his share of the chores, starting with the dishes.

Wear the apron.

The rest of you, never forget our purpose,


Current Mood: irate
Friday, June 30th, 2006
11:40 pm
As I am sure everyone has realized, we are nearly the month anniversary of XIII's presence with us. Therefore, to break the monotony and celebrate, a mandatory excursion to the beach is being planned for Sunday. The passports have been cleared with the rodent's officials, but please remain extremely well versed in your falsified facts in case the mini-van is pulled over near the checkpoint.

However, before this gaiety is realized, there are very many tasks to be accomplished to make this the most comfortable trip for our newest member.

II & III To properly celebrate, obtain a cake and other sweets. All items must be storebought. Any tampering with the meals will result in the two of you eating through a tube for the rest of your pathetic half existence. No licorice.

IV. As inviting the witch would be a disaster of epic proportions, remain in the castle with her. If she becomes difficult, take her for a walk around the grounds. The southern gardens are lovely as of late and she so enjoys picking flowers. To make up for your loss of missing the festivities, feel free to conduct whatever experiments you deem necessary.

V. Because of the Mouse's fascist regime, obtain permit to burn wood for the bonfire. Stare down the bureaucrat geese over at the Disney offices. After all, you're the only one who doesn't get anxious about their bonnets or their hissing. Not that I do. I just have things to do.

VI. Locate a suntan lotion that does not irritate XIII's youthful skin. Test contents of IV's lab on yourself as you have the closest skin-type to XIII. Also; Why do you keep wearing your hair that way, we've had the discussion of how unbecoming it is against the bone structure of your face.

VII. Go to the beach site in advance and sweep out the seaweed from the shoreline. Import the finest sand. Figure out the most aesthetically pleasing driftwood-to-seashell ratio. We want XIII's first trip to the beach to be perfect. Make use of your Dusk taskforce if necessary. You should be more than able to handle the situation without assistance. Really, VII, is it that hard to make a beach?

VIII. XIII has expressed an interest in a fireworks show. Provide this for him with use of your powers. However, in the likely outcome that you're too frightened to convert your raw energy into entertainment, pick up some show explosives from Fox in the Hound Land. Do not get caught crossing the border.

IX. Wax my surfboard. Do not complain about the affect of the dust on your hyper-allergies, The Organization has long grown tired of that excuse. Provide 'boombox' and 'taped cassettes' for musical entertainment. Present a list of music choices 12 hours in advance. Remember our conversation about Oasis and make very sure not to fail me again. Do not wear those shorts.

X. To retain inter-Organization unity, divide the ten of you into two separate volleyball teams and compete against one again. XII has weak wrists, so he will supervise the match with me. The promise of being able to flip the scorecards has got him very excited. Do not collect sticky bets, or my hand will be forced to inform your Disney patrol officer.

XI. Investigate safety certifications of floatation devices for XIII as he cannot yet swim. Yours and his arms have relatively the same thickness, so test the arm floaties on yourself, though you may need to get VI's assistance in the inner tube since your hip measurements exceed XIII's. As I've heard much said about your quantities of hot air, inflate the best choices.

XII. Purchase meat for the BB-Q. Only the best grade. I will reimburse your purchases 60% and the remaining 40% will go towards your theft restitution.

XIII. Although you have had a remarkable change of heart in recent weeks, I'm unable to allow you free roam in this excursion. Of course, you won't mind remaining by my side for the majority of the trip, so it can hardly be considered an inconvenience. Just in case, you will be wearing the harness.

Contain your excitement to the appropriate levels.

Never forget our purpose,


Current Mood: ecstatic
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
11:21 pm
I realize that since we are reaching the end of the fiscal quarter that some of us have been more preoccupied than others, beyond the stress of our normal duties.

However, I have some good news. Our bids for more funding have been approved by the Disney Castle Financial Bureau, we shall have 8 million excess munny coming in shortly to further our goals. Suggestions for development of our new stronghold in the pit of darkness and additions to Castle Oblivion should be directed here, or as a formal request in the suggestion box. And before you ask, IX, XI; yes we are looking into the proposed design for a waterslide in the westernmost wing, no we will not be expanding the eastern gardens.

I would like to address the state of affairs in this castle; I merely left for a few days for the appeal and when I returned I was almost certain I'd taken a wrong turn and ended up in Hollow Bastion instead.

- III, there was a heavy layer of grime and mud on the floors when I had explicitly put you in charge of mopping.

- V, I could not help but notice there are animal crackers in the pockets of my Magic Kingdom brand Limited Edition, Prints Of The Serenghetti-issue Ethnic Print coat. I understand the witch had a penchant for playing dress up, which by all means should be encouraged and nurtured, however my personal wardrobe is not here for her amusement. Nor is it yours.

- VI, the milk was left out on the counter and has soured; I should have left it there for when you prepared your nightly tea with cream two sugars but fortunately for you I am a man of greater poise.

- XI what is that monstrosity on the hall table. I recall giving you precise directions for a tasteful and elegant centerpiece befitting of our aim and purpose, and I have come home to a train-wreck of festive proportions. There is no symmetry or sense of style to it, it appears as though you paid off the mongol women to do it for you. Fix it, immediately.

- XII, there is a garter-belt hanging from the ceiling fan. Retrieve it.

I have also recieved an e-mail reminder that the Disney inter-stellar blood drive will be taking place this Monday. All members are expected to contribute, and to conduct themselves in an orderly and timely manner befitting the Organization.

If anyone needs me I shall be in my chambers instructing XIII in his nightly lessons; though I implore any inquirees to knock before entering.

Never forget our purpose,

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
5:17 am
All available Nobodies are to gather immediately in the foyer. XIII has gone missing again, believed to be delirious and potentially dangerous.

Higher-functioning Nobodies MUST be in attendance, this is an order!
Monday, May 29th, 2006
12:24 am
In light of recent events I have decided certain precautionary measures should be taken to ensure that our newest member faces the least risk of further injury as humanly possible. As it seems none of you can be trusted to keep an eye on him without receiving explicit orders to do so, we will all make an effort to make our stronghold more accomodating for the little scamp.

II. I have recently acquired a substantial number of catnip sprouts. Plant them among the remains of XI's herb garden; if nothing else, they will provide a wholesome distraction for XIII's sporadic attention span. Do not smoke them.

III. Retrieve all garbage can lids from the roof and replace them on their appropriate bins. I do not keep this castle outfitted with the appropriate recepticles so you can spend all day watching Matlock marathons on TBS.

IV. The Fabreeze seems to have caused some kind of chemical burn to XIII's exposed scars, develop some kind of soothing balm to rectify this situation. Also, purge the castle of all remaining Fabreeze bottles, as they continue to pose a threat as long as he is in a recuperative state.

V. Round up all breakable items in the castle and ensure they are all placed in cabinets with doors or high, hard to reach places. If you are in any doubt as to how high is high enough, stand on your tiptoes. If you can just barely reach, chances are that will be sufficient.

VI. Spray "Kitty Bitter" on all electrical cables. I do not care if it is odious, that is the point. Ensure all lamps and small appliances are fastened securely to their surfaces.

VII. You have been leaving your knitting out again. Yarn, if ingested, poses considerable risk to the functionality of XIII's intestinal tract. Put it somewhere out of sight, like that attractive knitting bag I Santa brought you last Christmas. Round up all sharp objects and put them in a safe place.

VIII. Babysit the witch. You are not to tease, scold, ridicule, belittle, or otherwise "discipline" her. If she refuses to sleep, tell her a story, do not strike her bluntly upside the head with your weapon in an effort to subdue her. The doctors are still optimistic that she will make a full recovery of her advanced motor skills in the near future.

IX. Install baby gate in front of the entrance to the koi pond, ensure that Bubbles is fed. Do not wear those shorts. Or that shirt.

X. Wrap up all window blind cords and secure with elastic bands. If we are not careful XIII could choke himself when one of us isn't looking!

XI. Relocate all poisonous plants to their new quarantine on the southernmost peninsula. Any poisonous or otherwise dangerous flora discovered following the execution of this order will result in your grounding. Have the dusks bring two fresh pots of aloe to my chambers.

XII. Place plugs all empty electrical sockets throughout the castle. Ensure that all bare wires in the basement or unused research labs are dead, and replace broken fuses in the main breaker room. We all know what an unfortunate combination electricity and the keyblade wielder make.

XIII. If you would please be so kind as to sit and smoulder in your own chambers, the smell is becoming quite nauseating. I will be by momentarily with some fresh salve.

Do not argue, do not quibble, do not question my guidance. Dissent is treasonous to our cause, and regardless I am feeling the stirrings of a tension headache. I hold all of you equally responsible.

Never forget our purpose,


Current Mood: stressed
Thursday, May 25th, 2006
7:27 pm
II. Skin and prepare recently acquired game. Serve dinner. Don't spit in the food. No cilantro.

III. Stamp an emboss new business cards. I don't want to see you adding another roman numeral to the old ones, this is a serious order.

IV. The front gate can apparently be activated by a Keyblade. Remedy this immediately. XIII unknowingly wandered outside earlier this afternoon, thanks to your stunning negligence.

V. Construct 13th throne. Also, booster seat.

VI. The witch has been complaining about how much she misses 'Unca Zexy'. After informing her that nicknames are strictly forbidden in our ranks, see that she's fed, bathed, and in bed before nine o'clock. However, whatever you read for her before is not proper bedtime reading for her, she had nightmares.

VII. Make coffee. Not the cheap instant; grind beans and properly brew a full pot, have the dusks bring it to my room. Also, XIII, how do you like your coffee?

VIII. Rearrange the disorder in the pantry caused by your inability to follow orders. Give the expired soup cans to XII for the Dusks.

IX. Return Under the Tuscan Sun. Was not as relevant to our cause as originally anticipated. Blockbuster says we'll have to pay the cost of the DVD if we don't return it by tomorrow. Do not wear those shorts.

X. Clean the crayon off the walls in the witch's room, as IX is apparently incapable of controlling her. Go to Hollow Bastion Pharmacy and refill her prescription. Do not associate with the venture capitalist ducklings and their moneymaking schemes. Check status of ice cream production while in town.

XI. Pick up spare coats from Land of Dragons Laundromat. Check to make sure the embellishments haven't rusted this time. Barter down their prices. Do not stoop to speaking Cantonese with those heathens.

XII. Clean out the Nobody kennels. Feeds the Dusks. See that all are properly watered. Stop complaining about the smell or you will get this job every week.

XIII. You are not allowed to leave the stronghold. There are Heartless lurking beyond the gate, and their eyesight is poor enough to mistake you for someone else.

A notice to all members that mandatory drug testing will take place next week to correlate with the annual Disney Blood Drive. Our poison shall seep into their system.

Never forget our purpose,


P.S: Has anyone seen XI?
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
9:27 pm
Formal Introduction.
XIII shall now be known as Roxas. He will assist defending our cause with the power of dual Keyblades.

I want no speculation of this on a public forum. If you understand the true gravity of this situation, you should realize the rest of you have become greatly expendable.

Never forget our purpose,

3:19 am
Vexen has also passed notice on to me that the Koi Pond is boasting an abnormally high content of urine. We will be conducting a mandatory drug test within the coming week.

That will be all.

2:43 am
Did I, VIII, not give you expressly simple and clear directions? Did I not tell you to bring the boy back to the Castle unharmed, put him in the vacated chambers and take all necissary precautions to ensure that he was not disturbed? Where in these orders did you discern that sparring with him was both wise and necessary?

As such I have here in my company one thoroughly terrified and relatively injured Nobody. The boy believes himself to be in mortal peril, kidnapped by a cult of lunatics for some ritual sacrifice or scientific research or similar--or so I have garnered from his ramblings. Though, I must say I cannot blame him. If I were surrounded by incompetant, useless, raving drug addicts I, too, would be trembling in fear; were I not the sterling example of poise and masculinity that I am.

The foyer is a complete disaster. The palmtree has been replanted in a teapot and there are handprints all over the walls. There are fissure cracks in the mirrors. I do not even want to look at the kitchen until morning.

I am retiring to my rooms for the evening; the boy will be staying with me, at least until I am confident that you are all capable of presenting yourselves and our castle in a civilized fashion.

VIII, the damages to the spare chamber and your now-singed attire will be coming out of your allowance.

Everyone else: Consider mealtimes suspended until all duties are completed in a satisfactory manner.

Thank you for giving XIII such a warm and hospitable welcome.

Never forget our purpose,


Current Mood: pissed off
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
12:39 am
EMERGENCY CHORES. I am not, at this time, accepting any abstains, arguments, complaints, or whatever other nonsense this group has on this very important day.

II. Aerate all the rooms. We've bought a container of Febreeze for the occasion. Don't attach it to a semiautomatic of any kind. Remember the Windex incident of last spring? The mirrors are still sticky.

III. Clean and polish the spittoon and replant the palmtree. Vacuum. Try to get the entire floor this time, your past accomplishments of this job have been sloppy. Think of the floor as a painting, or a large enemy to skewer in all orofices, not just the quick once over to the heart.

IV. Check the pH in the Koi pond. Bubbles has been looking a little sickly.

V. Hem smallest spare jacket. Use VI as a fitting model

VI. Shine all boots in the spare closet. Do this after V takes out the spare coats, as you might get lost inside the wardrobe if it is full. Have V tether you to a bedpost.

VII. Supervise. Also, make sure all Organization members have clean hands and faces. Use spit if you must. Also, make II brush his teeth, you're the only one who can reason with him.

VIII. Come with me.

IX. Babysit the witch. Play soothing music. The last thing we need is for her to snap tonight. If she gets out of hand, give her the blue pills on the dresser with her music box. Comb your hair.

X. Clean out the Koi pond. It is a cesspool of algae and bugs. Also; buy new fish, I think some are dead again.

XI. You're moving. For the time being you will be in the spare bedroom on the topmost floor of the eastern wing. Your chambers next to mine will be cleared out by the end of today.

XII. Tidy each individual living space. Make all beds. You will be required to turn out your pockets at the end of this duty. If protocol is not enough to deter you from such delinquency, might I add that I recently took a visit to Yuletide Hill and met someone who is less than pleased with your behavior this year.

I will be leaving the premises this evening and will not return until very late. I expect all jobs done and each of you in bed by the time I come back. VII, see that this happens. Explanations will come at a later date.

Never forget our purpose,

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
5:57 pm
< :-P
As we all know, the chore wheel has been missing for the last week, so look to this forum for your assignments. Failure to accomplish these tasks will lead to a scolding, followed by a slow and painful termination fit for Organization traitors.

II. Restock nourishment supplies. Remove pits and bullets from all fruits. Refresh yourself on the Disney Kingdom gaming laws or the next fee will be paid through your pockets.

III. Baby-sit the witch. She needs her weekly sunlight exposure, so perhaps the beach. No more sea-salt ice cream, however, she's put on weight and we don't have the finances to buy her a new wardrobe. She enjoys searching for beach glass. Humor her. Take all gifts graciously, as she won't tell us the future of our master plan if she's snip-snappy.

IV. Fix my ipod. It goes through the battery in twenty minutes and glitches every few songs. Do what you did for IX's Nano, but with less electrocution.

V. There is a spider in my room. Do what you must to eradicate it. Assist VI with his chores.

VI. Make brunch. No red meat. Have V cut vegetables for you, since you are too small to be handling knives.

VII. Supervise.

VIII. Take out the trash. Please note that most of it needs sorting, as XI finds the compost too "icky" and thus refuses to go anywhere near it. This will be addressed at the next meeting.

IX. Wash all outside windows. Do not wear those shorts. They are banned and such infringements of dress code will be addressed in the reprinted edition of the handbook.

X. Tune the grand piano in the music room so IX stops complaining.

XI. Clean all bathrooms. Scrub counters and wipe mirrors. Remove all hairs from the drains, since it's mostly yours.

XII. Polish all silverware. Stop stealing the knives. We are not ninjas. We are respectable and advanced members of the soon-to-be sovereign nation of Nobody and we will behave in such a fashion that is befitting of our status and rank. Number IX, please take note.

These missions will build your strength and endurance for our ultimate objective and further unify our twelve positions.

A reminder for all that the annual Organization dinner will be held tomorrow night. As a reversal from our last mealtime get-together, numbers 6-12 shall bring main dishes and 1-5 will bring desserts. Also, please remember IX is allergic to peanuts. We'd rather not have a repeat of the Cinco De Mayo incident. For those who did not accompany VII to the Southwest Disney Pediatric clinic, it was an absolute disaster explaining the physical abnormalities of a Nobody to that mouse's minions. Very likely, the slip pushed back our goal at least two years. While we have an epi-pen this time around, but we'd rather not taken any chances.

Suggestions are still being taken for the remodeling of the stronghold in Deep Dive City. The idea for a rec room in the basement has been cleared, V. Does anyone know where we can purchase a pool table?

Furthermore, cease all complaining about the Castle Oblivion's chilly climate, as lowering the air conditioning would only result in a mass flood. VII came up with the excellent suggestion of wearing your Christmas sweaters underneath the Organization uniform, so I see no need to be privy to such complaints.

Never forget our purpose,

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